IT Support for In-Home Users & Businesses

CHTSI is based in Harrogate. Friendly experienced IT Firm, supporting businesses and in-home users within Harrogate and across the UK and the U.S.

We understand that your focus is to carry on working. Why should you worry about how to fix computers too?

Your Local IT Support Specialists

We are based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire and offer IT Support and Solutions to businesses in Harrogate, Leeds, York and across the Yorkshire are. Some of our clients have a nationwide presence so we make ourselves available to our clients across the whole country.

We have grown our Managed Services (MSP) to over 700 endpoints across the UK by offering our Maintenance and Security packages. Our customers have the trust that we put their needs above our own.

Our popular CHTSI Serve package is now available or see our Services for other available IT Services.

GDPR has become very important in the UK. We make sure we adhere to the rules of GDPR while providing a secure and friendly service to our customers.

We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works. Douglas Adams

Want to protect your devices? Join CHTSI Serve

Here are just a few other services we offer:

  • 24/7 Monitoring Service – We proactively detect problems and often have them fixed before you notice. Picture an issue found in the evening, we can have the machine fixed before you arrive at work the next day.
  • Computer Repair and Support Services – Range of repair and support services, from simple tune-up service to complete re-install of the Operating System.
  • Cyber Security – Assessment of your current Infrastructure Security Setup, we deal with the hardware, software including configuration and testing as well as providing employee education.
  • E-mail Migration and Aftercare Services – We have had many calls where services such as GoDaddy have offered an Exchange migration but completely messed it up.
  • Malware or Virus Protection and Ransomware Prevention – Proactive protection, running regular scans and live checking your system. Be alerted when accessing a bad site and know you’re in good hands with our Managed Support.
CHTSI are passionate about the services we provide to our customers. Managed IT Support, Office 365 and our Online Content is what we excel on delivering.

Our goal is to help you, we strive to be different and go above and beyond compared to other IT Companies.

We are expanding on what we are offering and becoming a member of our site provides an invite to insider access to what we have on offer which includes exclusive: Articles, Knowledgeable Content and Resources.

Our commitment is to provide a great experience. Through our dedication to provide a no jargon support experience or aiding our customers remotely, we put you first.

Education should not be costly and we believe technology skills should be easily attainable, with our courses and education content our knowledge shows.

If you feel we are not providing the service expected, we ask your report it to us instantly. We will be happy to take action. Our promise to our customers is that we will provide a no-jargon service and educate clients following our visit.

When we started growing our business the one thing we were often asked is to offer ongoing IT support. There is usually two ways to approach customers, through a break-fix approach or Managed Services (MSP).

The term MSP stands for Managed Services Provider and is used when offering a fully managed service and support offering.

We offer maintenance packages and a fully Managed IT Service Support packages.

We work with businesses across the UK and Internationally. CHTSI have built up a skill-set to put us above the competition. Our goal is to provide efficient IT Services and Our Knowledge-base that would make you feel at home using our site as your homepage.

Our promise is to continually add content that serves your needs and not just ours. We are both a Content & Services company.

24/7 monitoring with Managed Anti-Virus is our most popular product. Supported for businesses and in-home users.

Who we work with?

We work with home workers and businesses across the UK. Our customer base has grown internationally to destinations such as the USA.

Our largest customer base is from SMEs and home office workers. For peace of mind they often sign up for our 24/7 maintenance and monitoring.

We do not rule out anyone, but we ask businesses looking to expand or with multiple machines to book an appointment for an assessment.

Either from our Contact Page or complete the form below.

Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have a faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them. Steve Jobs

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