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November 21, 2018

You Need 2-Factor Authentication

The News About Data Breaches And Hacking Is Everywhere. It Is Very Important To Keep Up Security And We Show You Why You Need 2-Factor Authentication

I feel barely a week goes by and we hear about another major breach, often it is personal data. Unfortunately more frequently we hear of either data breaches from phishing attempts, workers accidentally leaving company devices in public places and hacking attempts leaving companies with a potentially catastrophic situation for their business.

One common way accounts are breached is through e-mail and the use of phishing, for example there are many fake e-mails who pose as Microsoft and target users by pretending to present the [...]

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October 9, 2018

Meet Pixel 3 Google’s New Flagship

Google hosted a keynote today, Meet Pixel 3 Google’s New Flagship

Google has introduced a new Pixel device and it feels like more of a premium device compared to last year’s model. The Pixel 3 has moved to a glass front and back giving it a more premium feel in a similar vain to the iPhone Xs and Xs Max we introduced last month.

The new Pixel 3 has increased in weight compared to last year’s model and it has also picked up a notch. Despite companies having a go at Apple for their introduction of a notch it is becoming a trend now, with the need for embracing edge to edge displays a notch becomes inevitable.

Image: [...]

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October 7, 2018

Microsoft Will Never Call Because You Have A Virus

We want all our clients and anyone reading this to remember that Microsoft our any other tech company will not call to inform you that you have a virus. The only exception would be like ourselves if you have a company looking after your services.

Computer is running slow and they said they could help

It is all too easy to be offered the chance to resolve any slowless, it has been driving you crazy for weeks or months and now suddenly the nice person on the other end of the phone finally has the solution! NO NO NO.

Apologies fot the outburst but we are contacted all the time by people who are sadly duped out of large amounts of money but actually end up with Malware or [...]

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September 20, 2018

Meet CHTSI Serve Our Popular Managed Service Plan

Service Plans are quickly becoming the norm, we have adjusted our managed plans to suit our customer requests

Due to a demand for a multi-tier plan, we decided that it would be best to provide a service model that our customers wanted.  Meet CHTSI Serve Our Popular Managed Service Plan, and we now include Online Backup in our CHTSI Serve Max tier.

What Is Included?

Earlier in the year, we linked to a popular blog post asking Maintenance Plans – What Are They? now we are back with a 3 product package to suit your needs and we included:

Automatic Tune-ups Clear Temporary/Junk Files Clear leftover Windows Update Files (often multiple GBs of space taken) Correct [...]
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