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January 3, 2019

Unable to seek in Windows Media Player

Unable to seek in Windows Media Player. Unable to use the Seek Bar in Windows Media Player following KB4462919 Update

We have received calls from clients Unable to seek in Windows Media Player. They are having difficulty using the seek bar (fast forward) since a Windows update took place. We discovered that a workaround was initially to remove KB4462919.

This will roll back Windows Update to the previous point.

Microsoft Have Now Solved The Seek Issue

Good news that the issue has now been resolved with KB4471324. 

If the update is not installing for you then it may be that your Windows Update is managed by your Organisation and they need to roll [...]

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November 29, 2018

How To Change Your DNS Server On Windows 10

When Your Broadband Is Setup You Are Often Setup With The Standard One From The ISP. We Show You How To Change Your DNS Server On Windows 10

You may be up and running and don’t have a worry in the world about your connection, but did you know that the standard DNS servers your ISP comes with often will not be the fastest and lacks security that we all should be considering now.

It is not something that you have to do, if you would like the potential of speeding up webpages and feel like you are a little geeky like us then changing your DNS server could be helpful. An increase of speed and security can make the biggest difference.

What Is DNS?

The term DNS stands [...]

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November 28, 2018

How To Use Remote Desktop On A Windows 10 PC

Ordinarily IT Support Businesses Would Recommend Disabling Remote Desktop (RDP) But It Has Many Benefits For Businesses And In-Home Users, We Show You How To Use Remote Desktop On A Windows 10 PC

Remote Desktop is a utility built into Windows that allows you connect to either a remote machine or another machine within a local network. Connecting to customers computers can be advantageous as it isn’t always practical for our customers either from in-home users or small businesses. Remote Desktop is a utility available to Windows users providing the feature is active, we can then connect and fix your computer.

Remote Desktop is also used to connect to Cloud services such [...]

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November 21, 2018

5 Ways To Avoid IT Downtime

Businesses Don’t Often Consider IT As A Growth Area For Their Company But They Should

On a daily basis businesses will carry out their daily activities without a thought for the IT systems they use and the very thing that allows them to keep working. When IT systems do go down what happens then?

IT is a neccesity and that means downtime can also become inevitable. When this happens it can become a big problem quickly. The best thing to do is plan for downtime and make it either something that doesn’t happen or minimise the affect if it does.

Let us give you some advice that can keep you in business while your competitors suffer.

Managed Antivirus

The [...]

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