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Don’t Let Your Passwords Be Held To Ransom

A story I saw online recently was a shock but not unexpected, a former employee was holding a ransom on company data. Don’t let your passwords be held to ransom

On reading a recent article it showed a recent fired IT worker attempted to hold a Google account to a $200,000 ransom. The worker had being fired and decided to change the Google password to an account controlled by a college locking them out and all the students being able to access the data. Don’t let your passwords be held to ransom.

Google originally refused to hand over the password as it was in the name of the former employee and not the company. Google finally handed over the password after a news article spread. $200,000 would of been publicly embarrassing and also could have set a precedent for future ransom situations.

No matter what you do policies need to be in place and we would recommend a password manager and make sure that passwords are not controlled by just one person.

If you need assistance setting up password managers or dealing with setting up password policies we can help. Contact us through our form below or call 01423 423068

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