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Meet Pixel 3 Google’s New Flagship

Google hosted a keynote today, Meet Pixel 3 Google’s New Flagship

Google has introduced a new Pixel device and it feels like more of a premium device compared to last year’s model. The Pixel 3 has moved to a glass front and back giving it a more premium feel in a similar vain to the iPhone Xs and Xs Max we introduced last month.

The new Pixel 3 has increased in weight compared to last year’s model and it has also picked up a notch. Despite companies having a go at Apple for their introduction of a notch it is becoming a trend now, with the need for embracing edge to edge displays a notch becomes inevitable.

pixel 3

Image: Verizon

The Camera

Google Pixel 2 is already voted one of the best Smartphone cameras and now the Pixel 3 is ready to take that crown again. We have seen it take amazing photos but this is primarily down to the software processing built into the Android operating system with a DxOMark score of 107 it is nothing to be shy about.

Full Camera Specs:

  • Rear Camera
  • 12.2MP dual-pixel
  • 1.4μm
  • Autofocus + dual pixel phase detection
  • Optical + electronic image stabilization
  • Spectral + flicker sensor
  • f/1.8 aperture
  • Field of view: DFoV: 76°
  • Rear Camera Video
  • 1080p @ 30fps, 60fps, 120fps
  • 720p @ 30fps, 60fps, 240fps
  • 4K @ 30fps
  • Dual Front Cameras
  • 8MP wide-angle and normal FoV cameras
  • Wide-angle: f/2.2 aperture, 97° FoV
  • Normal: f/1.8 aperture, 75° FoV
  • Front Camera Video
  • 1080p @ 30fps
  • 720p @ 30fps
  • 480p @ 30fps

Other Specs

Google has added 4GB LPDDR4x RAM and provided two storage options, either 64GB or 128GB and with the lack of an SD card slot this does limit your storage options.

However, goes does make up for this by offering Unlimited Storage* of photos and videos including 4K content.

One standout feature Google announced was call screening, basically allows Google assistant to screen your call which will certainly help separate the spam callers.

Image: Google

We will provide more details in the future once we get a better hands on.

Switch Campaign

Google has also launched a video campaign to urge you to switch to the Pixel 3:


Another here:

What is your view? Let us know how you feel about it

*Remember Google offers this as essentially you are the product to them, Google is heavily based on aggregating and selling data.

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